Strange DreamHost user access allowed to new WordPress db backup plugin

So I installed a new Wordpress install to a new domain I’m hosting at Dreamhost. I also installed the WP-DB_Backup plug-in. When I go to Tools, Backup, and scroll down to my Backup Options, where it asks me where to save the backup to, on the server option, it lists the destination as /home/adminee/

The problem is that the user adminee should not have access to anything related to this particular domain, and that makes me VERY nervous. I can’t change or delete this user because it now is somehow attached to this plugin and domain. I can’t change the server location manually through the plugin. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, but it still points to that particular directory on my server.

So I’m not only frustrated that I can’t change the server location in the plugin, but I’m seriously concerned that it was able to access another directory in my hosting server that it should NOT have had access to.

The only other piece of info that might be helpful is that this is a new domain that I purchased through DreamHost several weeks ago. I just this morning told the panel to host it through my DreamHost plan as well. I still can’t see the domain’s folder in FTP, and I know it takes some time for the DNS to replicate/propagate/play nice.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this before I submit a service request?

Thanks so much!

Check the hosting settings from the Manage Domains panel. Sounds like you specified the user as adminee for by mistake. If you log in to FTP/SFTP and don’t see the domain directory that is a pretty obvious indication that you are not on the same page as the DreamHost Web Panel as far as which user is hosting the domain.

Scripts and programs are able to determine from the environment what the user home directory is, and Wordpress configuration code or settings probably reflect it as well. So another indicator that you probably installed Wordpress with the wrong user.

Yep. That was it. Wow. I feel silly about that. But thanks so much for the help! Explains a lot!