What does it mean by my disk space will Automatically Increases Weekly By:1gb

it means your disk storage will be increased per week. :wink:

for example, if your server space is 190GB, it will be 191 after you stay in DH for one week. as long as you stay in DH, it keeps increase weekly. and not only server space, but also the bandwidth. the bandwidth increase 16GB weekly. Good eh!

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It mean that if you have 178GB of storage when you start,
in 1 week you will have 179GB, in 2 weeks 180GB, etc…

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It really is insane. Just smile and say “Thanks!”


I struggle to get the panel space and bandwidth meters to budge from the 0% mark, and all this additional space and bandwidth that DreamHost is adding to my account is just making my task harder. :wink:


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lol, sounds good to me but seems like in a few years they will have to buy a bigger server just for me :wink:

I think DreamHost, like most other hosts, rely on the fact that the vast majority of their customers will only ever use a very small percentage of the quota they are given.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use your full quota, I am sure many customers do, it just means that their usage figures are telling them that most customers won’t.


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It’s very simple.

If DH will give u 187GB of disk space then the 1st week your space will become 188GB and for the 2nd week will become 189 and so on. It automaticaly increase :slight_smile: it’s like ++187GB

I’m Glad to be Hosted /w DH
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