Storage Space - View WHERE?

“Help me, help you”

Okay - this one’s a real doozy, so help me out here. Is it it me, it the crack out here in L.A. really that good, am I “crazy insane” or what?

All I want to do is find out how much storage space I have - you keep telling me: IT’S UNDER SERVICES, UNDER THE BILLING TAB! Okay - again, maybe it’s the air here in L.A. but here’s what I get when I go to the FAQ section of Dreamhost:

Where it say’s - if I’m reading it correctly:

1.Log into the Account Control Panel

2.Select the Billing tab, and click on the Services link.

3.The following table compares your usages of different services to the maximum allowed by your plan.

Well - I don’t get the table - I get something that looks like this:

So, now either I’m doing something wrong, your FAQ is wrong, I need to get a life, or “TA DA!” I get a free month for helping you all out (ha ha j/k - I love you guys :wink:

So, back to my question - help me, help you - or actually, just PLEASE tell me where I can REALLY see how much disk space I have.

Thanks guys!

loyal dreamhost customer

Okay - I found the magic table I was looking for by clicking on:


Under the ACCOUNTS sub-tab. Maybe you all wanna update the FAQ to reflect this? Just a suggestion and thanks for everything!


Click on [color=#CC0000]My New Service[/color] to access information about that paticular account/service.