Storage Question for DreamHost admins


OK, so I’m going to be exceeding my storage quota. I’m sure of it. 500GB will only hold me for a good month… if that.

So here’s my question: If I let it go over the quota and just pay the overage charges, is someone going to come and tell me when enough is enough?

It comes out to $100/TB. That’s perfectly fine with me. I’ll happily pay that. But is DreamHost going to frown on this or even give me the boot?

I’m going to be on a dedicated-hosting server, but the files are still stored on the shared storage network, probably a SAN, correct?


They’ll continue to gladly take your money, including the overages.

If by “dedicated-hosting,” you mean DreamHost Private Server, then that’s “brain only,” and not disk space. PS gives you personal CPU and Memory space. Files are stored on a NetApp.



You got a good answer, but you should ask Dreamhost how they handle it.


I believe you are correct that the dedicated server plan only give you a dedicated web server with your files on a SAN and your databases still on your shared MySQL server. I’d guess that you could get a dedicated MySQL server as well, now that you can get a PS’ed MySQL server.

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Wow, I should give my spare space to you. I’ve used only few MB so far.

As they explained, only your website is hosted in dedicated server. Your database will be still hosted in shared server by default. If you would like to take care of your MySQL database, moving it to Private Server will be a good choice.

Here is a link to DH Private Server just in case if you missed it.
You also have a choice to move both of your web server and database server to private server.

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Yeah. I might get a ps-mysql as well. The reason I’m getting the dedicated server is because I know that we’re going to have a huge load of traffic and I don’t want to screw over the shared server users.

My math was off about the space. It’s actually $1,000/TB. I realized that after I posted this, but for some reason couldn’t log in again to change it! I still don’t have a problem paying that. I just didn’t want to get in trouble with DH for using lots of space.

I predict I’ll need to purchase an off-site store plan with Amazon or something in a year. I predict we’ll need about 4-5 TB by then.

I contacted DH support and got a non-answer from them. They’ve been really good so far, but it appears that DH isn’t really meant for the volume we will eventually get. They actually told me that I’ll need to go to another hosting company at some point. They aren’t geared for 1-2Mil uniques a month.

We’ll see how this goes.

Thanks everyone for your replies.


I think at that level you’ll need clustered servers.

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You might want to look at other options for data storage then, as well, provided that DH already told you that you will not be able to handle that amount of storage and traffic on any of their accounts.
Amazon S3 is geared towards big scales (I have seen reports of people using dozens and hundreds of tbs of space there at $150/tb/month for pure storage plus traffic). Provided you can chunk up your content into pieces smaller than 5 gb, that might be useful to you. Personally I haven’t used them for things other than the occasional site backup, but it should be possible to use it as an offsite data storage provider in most webapps, easily (the API is geared towards that, though you can also use it for plain static file distribution as a CDN).

As you don’t say what kind of access to the data you expect, it might even be possible to use the DH dedicated servers for your data processing needs and fall back on S3 when you need data (if your data is mostly “sleeping” and not constantly accessed, the bandwidth fees might be negligible; If your content is sufficiently static to be served to your site viewers from there directly, you don’t even need to “proxy” it through DH). If not, looking at Amazon EC2 to get some processing power as well might be an option).

As for 1-2 million unique visitors a month – Depending on the type of traffic even an old celeron 1.3 can handle that kind of volume – though I suspect your application is not that type of traffic :wink:

In any case, good luck :slight_smile:


Is it a software application or a device ?

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Wow, what you’re doing with your space ? Hosting a bunch of Linux distro ?

500 GB is a huge space.


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Both. It’s a network storage device with its own operating system. Try



You can get some decent information on Network Appliance in their Wikipedia article.

I believe we connect to the storage system via NFS.

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