Stopping daily database backup emails

I have been receiving this email notifying me of daily database backup.
"Database backup from [website name]:

i have looked up the cron jobs but my crontab list is empty. i dont want to receive these emails. how can i stop them. thanks in advance for all the help.

When you check your crontab file with crontab -e do you mean that the file is totally empty?

Are you sure there is no mailto line at the top of the file?

If you do have any crontab events set up do you have :-

[quote]/dev/null 2>&1


at the end of any crontab lines to ignore error and normal cron output?

Do you have any programs that would backup a data file?

If you answer yes, yes, no, no then you may want to contact support. It is possible that someone has set up a mailto line somewhere in error using your email address instead of their own.
If you answer yes, yes, no, yes then check that programs configuration to see if it includes an option to turn off notifications.


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yes actually my crontab file is completely empty and there are no other programs running. i will just ask dreamhost for help. thanks for ur reply anyway.