Stop website from publishing


I used Word Press one-click install to create a website and it was instantly published. How can I un-publish it? I would like to publish it once it is complete. I didn’t come across any options on Word Press dashboard that would help me out. I am open to taking it down and starting over again if that’s the only option.


I never understood why people want to hide their website while they were working on it. There is absolutely no logical reason to do it. If you have a new website simply do not tell people about it. The chances of someone randomly finding your website and stealing content and republishing it in a way that will hinder your own traffic (which you probably don’t have anyway) is very small (practically nil). The world at large does not care. You want complete privacy? Work on a local install (as in on your home computer) with wamp/mamp, etc and once you are ready to go live upload it to your web host.

Anyhow, if you are dead set you may try password protecting your main diretory. Google htaccess authentication and I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Or, one other option is to create a page-template with either nothing on it, or a nice “Website Coming soon” sign.

Set that as the template for a new page (for example, create a page called “temp”)
Set that new page as the front-page.

Now you can work on your site, and give visitors some indication that you are working on your site. Probably a way to do the exact same thing with .htaccess

I use when I need that. Lets me whitelist IPs and everything :slight_smile: