Stop Domain Redirect?

One of my sites is being redirected and I need to stop the forwarding, but it’s happening in a different way than going to Manage Domains/Edit/Redirect. I looked at the index file and there isn’t a redirect there. Anyone have any ideas on how I can stop the redirect? Or, is there another way to edit this within the Dreamhost panel?

EDIT: I doubt this would help the matter, but just in case, the domain is, which currently redirects to

I’m assuming it’s a Fully Hosted domain, as evidenced by the existence of an index.html file

Look for a .htaccess file in the same directory as index.html. It’d be a hidden file, so your FTP client needs to be set to display hidden files.

For now, if you don’t know how to edit the contents of the .htaccess file, just rename it to .htaccess.old

If that breaks the site, but at least gets your index.html page working, post the contents of .htaccess, minus any sensitive information, and we’ll take a look.


Hmm, interesting. My FTP client is showing hidden files, and I see some hidden files, but I don’t see any .htaccess files in any of my sites on Dreamhost. They are all fully hosted domains…

If that’s the case, check your index.html for a redirection in the head.

It redirected to “” when I tried just now.

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This is what’s in index.html:

Changing the to didn’t work, and taking out the entire meta tag didn’t do anything.

When I posted here originally, the redirect in Domains/Manage Domains was not active. It was showing by default. I tried entering one of my other sites, let the redirect take place (it was successful), then I deleted the redirect. It wouldn’t let that space be blank, so I just put back. I just saw the “deactivate redirect” so that should take effect soon.

Shoot! Well, that deactivated the entire site. Great. I’m not doing anything else to it and waiting for support. Hopefully they’ll get back to me ASAP. Thanks for trying to help.

It’s throwing up a bad_httpd_conf which should indicate things should be back on track soon :wink:

If it stays like that for a bit, just go into your Panel and “Fully Host” the domain again.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is not a very good design.
Other Host providers give you full hosting service when paid for that service space. They don’t care if you have a registrar redirecting your domain name. You paid $100 for a year of host space, but because a $10/yr DNS service redirected your domain name for 6 months you’ve lost on $50 worth of hosting.

I can see why DH saves money and server space using this technique, but what if I wanted to run a development site during the DNS redirect period. The way other host providers get around this is by supplying a workaround URL to test your space regardless of DNS pointing, ie . So I was dismayed to see that after turning the Redirect service off, I had to reactivate my host service which I had been paying for 6 months. And because the Redirect canceling is fast and the host activation is slow, my customers now see an embarrassing error message during the lag [error id: “bad_httpd_conf”]. This is ridiculous.

The design isn’t bad. It’s been standard across the board since Christ played fullback for Nazareth.

A $10 per year DNS service didn’t redirect anything. You did.

Your hosts didn’t “use” any “technique”. You did.

There is a Wiki available, the link to which is in your Panel. In it you will find a wealth of information regarding setting up unlimited free accounts that don’t even require you to own a domain, let alone set any DNS settings whatsoever. It also shows you how you can still use your at DreamHost (for your development purposes, etc.) even if the nameservers at your other registrar are pointing at yet another hosting provider on the other side of the planet. Additionally, it contains extremely simple step by step instructions on how to have next to zero downtime during even the most laggy of nameserver changes.

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