Stop carriage return from a space

does anyone know if there is a way to stop a carriage return between two words. so both the words always end up on the same line? i know how to do it with words that are hyphenated and you don’t want the word to break to a new line on the hyphen, but have not found a way to make sure two words always are on the same line

thanks in advance

Which software are you using?


hand coding - using textWrangler

I just tried something that seemed to work. The “and nbsp semicolon” character. Keystrokes are:

No spaces. So my text came out like “please alsoANDNBSP;hand in” and the “also hand” showed a space and behaved like one unit that didn’t get split.


WOW, thanks. That was some detective work!!!

You’re welcome. Call me the KludgeMaster.