Stop Blocking ProcessWire Page.php File


Processwire ( is an up and coming framework for developing dynamic websites and applications.

Recently, Dreamhost has identified the Page.php file located in the Processwire /wire/core/ directory of one of my clients as a possible backdoor file.

A Dreamhost script changes the permission on this file to 200 from 644, rendering the website to give a 500 Error - Internal Server Error.

The problem is that this file is not a backdoor hacked file and could not possibly be one. I have spoken with Ryan Cramer, the Creator and Lead Developer of Processwire, and he has confirmed that the file is secure and has not been modified.

He has been sent a ProcessWire Page.php file that Dreamhost has actually flagged as hacked and confirmed that the file is an exact duplicate of what is in their source distribution, without any modification.

All attempts to bring this issue up with Dreamhost has met with futile results so far. They send automated responses to clean up your hacked website.

The ProcessWire Page.php file is not the same Wordpress file (that I believe has the same name) that caused many problems/issues on Dreamhost. Neither is it related to any Joomla files.

I even opened a support ticket and asked that someone call me (Telephone Call Support) about this issue. The ticket was closed and I received a response that I was not the technical support contact for my client. That’s strange in that I have all permissions except for anything to do with payments on their hosting plan.

Additionally, for a short time, all of my own hosting (dedicated server) ProcessWire websites were targeted with the same process.

It’s very frustrating when you cannot get one simple explanation or discussion about a problem. For my client, it’s a commercial website that is being affected.


I apologize for the delay! Can you please provide me with the domain that is trying to use We believe this is an issue where the script is being accidentally being targeted.
Daniela J.
DreamHost Staff


Please reference Dreamhost Support Ticket #77512300 for the domain details.

Additional Dreamhost tickets that are associated with this issue are:

5920910, 77625265

You can also contact me via my Dreamhost discussion forum email address. I can also provide you the client POC email address via secure means. Thanks.


Thank you so much for writing back! Our Security team is looking into this more closely. we greatly appreciate your patience during this time.
Daniela J.
DreamHost Staff


Still getting blocked