STOP automated upgrading of wordpress install


A long time ago, I have opted-in for automated WordPress upgardes by Dreamhost. This is a handy service, if a blog is not attended too often.

However, due to database issues it’s better to upgrade manually because plugins need to be disabled before upgrading.

Now, I cannot find the opt-out option.

Please would somebody help? Thanks :slight_smile:


In your manage Installed Applications panel, there should be a column that says "Upgrade Action"
I test-installed WP and it set itself to upgrade automatically, but next to “Upgrade Automatically” there is an “edit” link.

That should show you a list of options when you click it, you can set it to “No Action” to stop the auto upgrades.


Thank you!


No Problem =)

Now to get rid of word press…
(sorry, I just plain don’t like it =/ )