Still waiting for Password Reset. 32+ hours

Requested password reset email over 32 hours ago. I have also used the contact page on Dreamhost and provided my contact information. I made multiple attempts yesterday (9/25/2014) and today (9/26/2014) to simply reset my password, yet no response has be received. I have even gone so far as to email billing with my original purchase order in hopes to hear back, yet nothing.

Please help. I cannot open a ticket or conduct a live chat because I cannot login.

Make sure they can connect the dots behind the scenes. Will the email address used on the contact form lead them to your account? If your asking for this level of help it means the automated password reset tool didn’t work for you. Because of that a human will have to review, and for security they can’t give you any hints. The info you supply has to match up.

Also if you have different emails associated with your account check all of them.

I did all of that. When I send through a request using the password reset feature, the email address associated with my account is accepted and then I receive the message that I will receive an email with a new password. That isn’t happening. When I contacted support I included all my account confirmation details, yet still no response.

Have you checked your spam/junk folder by any chance?

Hi. Just a quick one please. Once the password request is done, how long should a user wait to receive the email? Will it be received on real time or a few minutes after?

We send the email immediately when you request a password reset. Like any email, though, it may take some time to arrive.