Still waiting for account activation

I opened a new account today, 5 hours ago, and still have not had the account activated. When I opened a different dreamhost account last week, activation was instant. What gives? I wanted to do some work on the new account tonight…

Opening multiple accounts is generally not permitted, and that’s probably why your account has been flagged. You should be getting a follow-up from our approvals department tomorrow.

Ugh. I opened up a second account on behalf of an organization I am doing work for. It’s always some stupid rule that trips people up. Thanks for the reply.

I too started a new account on Friday, and still haven’t heard anything. Not an email, not access to the web panel, nothing. Frustrating!!

Guys - my support tickets have not been answered, there is no phone number to contact, my new account is in limbo with no communications from Dreamhost since I tried to open the account yesterday. When, exactly, will I get a call/email? What will the resolution be? I can’t even get the organization I’m helping to open an account since the domain name is tied up in this half-open account.

So I finally got a support ticket reply back saying that I was ineligible to use the promo code, so I replied back RIGHT AWAY saying open the account at full price, now! It has been an hour and still no response. I mean really! Could someone please open my !%$#$%^$ account!!![hr]
They’ve activate my account finally. Sorry for the belly aching.

My problem was resolved. The dreamhost support staff answered my questions and looked into my account issue. Apparently my registration never went through, so they just advised me to set everything up again. Thanks, DreamHost!

~ Melissa