Still problems uploading media to WP3.5

With the recent upgrade to Word Press 3.5 I’m no longer able to upload media to my site, - every time I try to there is an error.

I’ve followed the instructions in your support thread at

I’ve added the line to my wp-content.php file and uploaded it to the site. I’ve made sure Google Pageview is not selected for the domain. I’ve tried uploading from both Firefox on my PC, and Safari on my Mac, but it gives the same error. Any suggestions of what else to do?

Temporarily disable ALL WP plugins.
Log out, close the site’s tab, and completely empty Firefox’s cache.
Open your site back up, log in to WP-Admin, and re-test the upload function.

sXi: Just did all this. Still getting a “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.” box. Any other ideas?

Could be the image resizing function has gone skewiff.

Are you seeing this error everywhere that you can upload files (media manager or w/e it’s called these days) or just with the in-line editor?

If it were my site:

Reinstall the core (stock theme, no plugins) and test upload.

If it works, add theme and retest then add plugins one by one, testing at each addition.

If it fails during something you “really, really, really need” then downgrade WP and wait for the theme/plugin dev to update her code.

You could do these tests quickly in a fresh development domain (using a free subdomain)

I was working with DH Tech Support at the same time. They found it was a problem with the Minimatica theme. I went to their site, and I wasn’t the only one having the trouble. They had a fix to the functions.php for the theme that I tried that fixed things, sorta. I did find a work around, though. Instead of adding directly to a post I’m uploading to the Media Library, then inserting from there into my post. It seems to be working, for now. Thanks for the help.

“Media Library” haha that’s the one! You can probably tell I haven’t played with WP for some time :slight_smile:

I’m really keen to have a muck around with the new version. Ashlan posted a great hint here the other day about a backup plugin called UpdraftPlus that can be set up to send your backups to your Google Drive (GDrive gives you free 5Gigs space!).
We like free. We like free a lot!

There’s a fix for you.

Replace functions.php with this version that comments out erroneous ext2type filter and improper registering and enqueueing of javascript: