Still pending


I used google checkout (now ill never use it again) and i still have pending on my account… i registered and bought hosting on monday at 1 PST. ive sent support 2 emails and still no fixing going on…


I’m sure that is discouraging! However, it’s still been less than 36 hours, so it is still possible you could have the matter resolved soon.

It seems that how long accounts remain “pending” can vary wildly depending upon the circumstances. Good Luck!



did you pay by credit card through google check out or check? if you paid by check then it has to be cleared first which could take 1-2 weeks.


here is a screen shot of my account page

im pretty sure its still pending


i paid by credit card… i dont use checks.


EXACT same thing happened to me. Or rather, is still happening. Same sign-up date, same method of payment, same “pending” status as we speak. Are you still in pending status?


Hello dsync0,
Do you still experience any problems?

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