Still Pending? Anyone work here?

I signed up a monday,

It is now Friday Night, and my account is STILL pending, what is up with that? Support did not respond to any of my emails, im about to use GoDaddy instead of this, godaddy I can get up and running right away. This is freakin unbelievable.


yes i just signed up tonight, i was wondering what the average wait time is.

maybe there is a number i can call

trying to get my stuff running.
first time doing this.

Goodluck, I have been pending for 5 straight days now, no reply to any of my emails, so pathetic, I guess you get what you pay for.

I guess GoDaddy is the only reliable webhosting company

For me, I was up in about 24 hours. My domain name took about a week to activate. All of that is normal. I don’t think DreamHost is swindling you guys. They’ve been busy as of late with some large server updates (PHP in particular). These kind of updates usually create 2 paradoxes.

  1. Less time to respond to support emails. (as time needs to be spent on the updates)
  2. An increase in support emails. (as the updates tend to break 3rd party apps and the general trend is to blame the host first)


Did you have a previous domain name when you signed up? Are you moving your domain registration to dreamweaver, did you purchase a new domain, or did you transfer your name servers to dreamhost?

There could be so many reasons. If you could start by answering the above questions, I think a few in this forum may be able to help.

Somehow they never got my account set up at all, so I had to re-register, it is now set up, but I cannot log into the ftp, does it usually take about 2+ hours to get the ftp up after the account is up? I got the email that the ftp is up.

Yes, it does. I’d say 1-12 hours, depending on what time you registered and how well your credit card went through.