Still no HTTP/2 on Shared Hosting

HTTP/2 was promised to Shared Hosting 2 years ago. Why is Dreamhost one of the few companies that doesn’t support HTTP/2 for basic Shared Hosting.

Surely those old servers need to be updated/replaced by now. This should be embarrassing to all concerned.


DH has an article on upgrading to the latest Ubuntu LTS, “Bionic” (below), which uses Apache 2.4. That Apache can support HTTP/2, but does anyone know if HTTP/2 is activated on Bionic Shared Hosting or VPS?

Yes the dedi and virtual servers support HTTP/2.

The point is, Shared Hosting currently does not. We were promised HTTP/2 but it never happened.

We need HTTP/2. It’s essential to be competitive with other sites. Most other Shared hosts offer it free.

Dreamhost needs to support HTTP/2 for Shared Hosting.

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