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hi, i can login and get to my page with the 4 Directories and my files has been uploaded and i see it below.

how to i make the file my homepage?

You need to create a Fully Hosted domain and then upload the files to your domain folder (

Hope this helps a bit

how do i make a fully hosted domain

Here’s where to do that:

A fully hosted domain is automatically set up for you when you sign up, though, so — unless you deleted it from that page — chances are that you already have one.

ok, i have all that and login into it and im on my fhd, and have 4 folder this last one being and under that is my files i up loaded. now do i make/move that file to

If I understand correctly, you are asking which directory you should upload your files to. You should upload your pages to directory as this is your domain directory.

Here is how DH manages directories.

  • Each user has its user directory /home/username
  • Each domain has its domain directory in its user directory. /home/username/
  • If user manages multiple domains, it would be /home/username/ and /home/username/

Web pages should be uploaded to the correct domain directory.

Hope the above helps a bit

here’s a photo of it

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what i would like to know is what i have to do from there

Your html files belong in the folder. That’s assuming that your website is There should already be a quickstart.html file in that folder. And one of your html files should be index.html so it gets served as the main page of your site.

*edit - k, i moved the file to, now how do i make it my webpage?

should i delete quickstart.html?

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Rename mike.html to index.html and get rid of quickstart.html.

It appears that you registered at GoDaddy, but did not set the name server to use DreamHost DNS.

Log into GoDaddy and update the Name Server entries to use DreamHost.

i got it renamed, but haveing trouble changing the name server

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The appropriate nameservers for your domain are:

Set these and nothing else.

Thanks for the help sdayman. I also need this information becuase I don’t know how to do it as well.