Still need to pay for dedicated IP for SSL?

I have a DreamHost account with a VPS and only one domain hosted on it. On this account, I purchased a secure certificate as well.

Should it be possible to configure this account to make use of the VPS’ IP for https traffic and a secure certificate? When I try removing the additional purchased IP from the “Manage Domains” page, I’m warned that DreamHost “must kill” the secure site if I continue.

Sounds like a generic Panel warning. You should be able to install a certificate using your VPS IP without issue.

sXi - Yes, it seems like I should be able to. Have you tried?

Not here, but I have a few DH issued SSL certificates on unique IPs hosted elsewhere.

Yes, you need a separate unique IP to run a secure site on a VPS or dedicated server, just as you do on shared.

I thought VPS and dedi were provisioned with an unique IP.

They have a distinct “machine” IP address that’s used for the machine and for all sites on it that don’t have a unique IP, but that isn’t treated as a Unique IP for the purposes of adding SSL.