Still Having Severe IMAP Problems

Is anyone else having problems with checking your IMAP accounts? I am still having severe latency issues, especially when copying messages between folders.

I’ve been having IMAP and webmail problems all day today.

Mine are all working. How’s it working for you in webmail?

I don’t know the ins and outs of IMAP, but when you move a message, does the client do a delete and an add, or does the server have a ‘move’ command? I do know that a slow network connection holds things up for me.


With regards to webmail, it works sometimes, but very slowly. Other times, it hangs up then gives me a message about the IMAP server dropping the connection.

The client is doing a delete then add, I believe. I am using Mozilla Thunderbird. Either way, this worked fine for the last 2 years and now it doesn’t.

I’ve been having frequent password errors on the looney cluster when using instead of mbox.

i can log into but not or