Still disabled


I registered a new domain 28th of April along with Hosting package “Code Monster” but so far nothing activated. Though I paid using Credit Card while I registered, My account status shows “is currently disabled” . I’ve posted a request at Support two days earlier, NO REPLY either. I need to have this server urgently. Is that very normal service @ Dreamhost?


No that is not usual. I would try another post to support now the week-end is over, unless Monday is also a May day holiday in DreamHost Land?

They may have had a holiday week-end leaving just a skeleton to non-specific gender the servers!



Thanks. At least your reply was instant. I try again at support. Thanks

  • byter


I think it’s normal…
my registration complete at day 7th (if the saturday & sunday is counted)

I think it’s because too many new registrant.