Still Cannot Create a Snapshot

Back in April 2020 I posted the following which has been closed: Error: Unable to create snapshot

I still cannot create a snapshot for my one instance. I would like to expand my use of DreamCompute but I cannot do that until I know how to successfully create and revert snapshots. Thank you in advance for your help.


I don’t have experience with DreamCompute, but the first thing I’d do is contact DH support about the error message. Have you tried that route?

Thanks for replying habilis. I filed a support ticket right after posting in the forum. Heckman responded and told me what I needed to know. We are running a volume-based instance on DreamCompute, which requires a like amount of volume quota to save the snapshot. I had to add another 100GB ($10.00 per month) to my volume quota which provides the space for the snapshot. The snapshot takes exactly the same amount of storage space as the running instance. I was thinking the snapshot would be much smaller than the running instance, like it is on a VMware vSphere server. Problem solved.

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