Still awaiting account pending approval.for 2 days (never seen like this!)

My name 's Nakin Intarasothorncharn, is still awaiting account pending approval.

I have sent in the credit card image required, and would very much like to proceed with both the migration service I paid for and generally getting started as soon as possible with the new site.


For 2 days my new account(Hosting and domain) still Pending!!!
For 11 Hrs ago i’ve sent them Credit Card 's photo for some verify!!!

But still no answer from DH staff!!
: (

so how can i do

Sorry for the wait. I have just nudged my colleagues in charge of approvals, in case your ticket has not been addressed yet.

My goddd … i have never seen something so wired like this…6 hours and no reply… and even no way to contact you peoplee… i am soo pissed… signed up with so much expectation… my client is waiting for the site to get livee but here i am waitng for an approval… you people are very punctual at the time of renewing the service… then why do i hav to wait for 6 hourss for the service ?? So disappointed

I understand you’re annoyed, I’d be too if I were in your situation. I’ll answer to your other post.

Side note: please don’t duplicate posts like you just did.