Step by step WebDAV please?

I remember having to ask this when I first set up my webDAV folders, which are working great, but I’m now trying to set up a new one and sigh it’s not working.

So two things, I would love a step by step how to set-up webDAV (maybe someone can add it to the wiki?). Do I create a folder first, or do I just tell the “set up directory” page a new folder? What settings do I have to put in to make it not require a password?

Secondly, on all the folders I’ve tried to set up today, whenever I go back to the settings in the control panel it tells me “The settings for this directory are scheduled for deletion within the next ten minutes!” What?

Please help :frowning:

follow-up -> it’s working now that I’ve password protected the folder. Is that necessary? It shouldn’t be as the one I’ve been using all this time isn’t. Did I need to add a new username/password combo even though the page told me I needed to change/remove the default ones?