Step 6, contact information


I’m setting up service for someone and I’m curious about one part of the sign up process. It’s step 6, contact information.

Obviously, the billing information can be changed later. But I’m wondering about the login information. This account is for an organization and since people come and go, and the same person won’t necessarily always be there/be in charge, I’m not sure what to enter. It looks like it wants something specific to one person.

Can this information be changed? In looking at my own panel I can see where I can change/add accounts in general. But is the account that’s created at sign up a special account that can’t be changed later on?

Thank you.

Once you sign up an account, you will be given a web ID. You can log into DH panel either using your email address or the web ID. The web ID is the combination of your name. e.g. if your name is patrick tan, your web ID will be tanpat.

The contact email address can be changed anytime via DH panel --> Edit Profile

I’m not sure whether the web ID will be updated when you change your contact information. But at least you can log in with a web ID with updated email address.

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More about what/why I’m asking.

As I look at my panel, I see that my account is labeled with a string of the first three letters of my first name, the first three of my last name, and two numbers. I don’t see where to change that.

I’m also not certain about the primary email address that’s used when signing up. If I use my own email address so that I can have access to initial sign-up related mail, can I later change it to the email address of the account holder? I see where a change to email can be done at Web ID Central, but I want to make certain that the initially entered email address can be removed so as to be no longer usable as a login, or attached to the account in any way, and that a new email address can be setup for those purposes. I’m not certain if the Web ID Central form is only for changing where the newsletters/etc. go.

This was much easier when I was setting up an account for myself. :wink:

Thank you.

We are just customers like you. I have not experienced that before and don’t want to risk that.

I’ll suggest you to file a support ticket via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support for sure answers. They will answer you shortly.

And please post the reply here to share with us :slight_smile:

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Support can change the primary account email upon request :wink:

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Thanks folks. I’ve already submitted the support request to dreamhost. I’ll report back anything additional they may say.

I’ve received a reply and, as was said here, the contact email can be changed later. However, the WebID is set automatically, will be unique, and cannot be changed.

Thanks for your help. Reply quoted below.

[i]The email address entered cannot be the same as yours on your account.
The system will not allow it. The email address you set will be very
important, as this address is used as the contact for any billing or
support emails and is also used to verify account ownership. It will also
be an alternative to the web ID when logging into the panel and is used
to retrieve your password when using the “forgot password” feature.

It can be changed at a later time however, if needed. Just log into the

and click the “edit profile” link located at the top right.

I can’t really tell you what email you should put, but it should be one
that the account owner/administrator has access to. If the account
ownership should change in the future, it is very important that the
contact address be changed at that time as well to prevent any future
problems with access or notifications.

The web ID is generated automatically by the system. It takes the first 3
letters of your first and last name and combines them. The web ID is
unique and cannot be changed.[/i]

Thanks for the reply.

So we can change the email address and web ID will be the same. Is it correct?

Rather than web ID, do we log in with the new email address or the old email address?

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That’s my interpretation, that the email can be changed and the WebID will be unchanged. I’ve always logged in with my email address rather than my WebID so I assume you’d be able to log in with the new email address.

That’s my best guess. Sometime after I’ve set up this other account, I’ll probably try to test it on my account. Not sure.