Step #2?

O.K. Im trying to add ( styles ) to my forum.

I copied this from KB base. I understand all the steps, except for the most important, which is step #2. How do i place files in their own directory.

  1. download the style(s) of your choice from the styles download page
  2. unpack the zip(s) and place the files in their own directory in the /templates/ directory inside your phpBB2 directory. if your server is online somewhere, then you’ll first need to unpack to a directory, then upload it to your server (Make sure that the folder has exactly the same name (case sensitive) as the cfg and css file. courtesy of black fluffy lion)
  3. go to your administration control panel
  4. under “styles admin”, click on the link “add”
  5. you will find a list of styles that are present in the templates/ directory but that haven’t been installed to your forum. behind every style, you see an “install” link. click on that link to install the style.
  6. if you’ve done this for all the styles that you wanted to install, then have fun! they’re now available to your users, or to you to set as the default style in general admin => configuration
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well, this should be pretty easy. When you download the style it’s a zip, right? next you un-zip it on your computer and you’ve got a folder that’s named MyNewStyle with a bunch of .tpl files and some folders in it. Now just open up your FTP program and upload the MyNewStyle folder into the templates direcotry for your forum. Ta Da! Now the new style is in it’s own folder under the templates.