“Stealth” Redirect

At another hosting company I could make what they called a stealth redirect from educativa.me (hosted there) to youtube.com/ek which was my account at YouTube.

This way I could navigate my YouTube site under the educativa.me domain name.

Here at dreamhost I tried to to the same, and the redirect does take me to the YouTube site, but I cannot navigate it under the educativa.me domain name. The URL continues to be youtube.com/ek, not educativa.me.

Thank you.


It’s possible to do something similar to this using the “Cloaking” feature of the DreamHost Panel, but I’m afraid it won’t work for YouTube. Google has set a special option on YouTube pages (as well as most other Google web services) that prohibits them from being displayed in a frame, which is how this feature works.

(If you’re curious: This option is called “X-Frame-Options”.)