Status of PostgreSQL?

Hi. Isn’t it about time we get a real DBMS? The suggestion for PostgreSQL is from 2004; I voted for it a year ago (— I’d spend all my points on it if it was possible), and so far no news. Everytime a friend asks about Dreamhost I have to say “it’s almost perfect, only it forces MySQL down your throat”.

If there was a real reason for not providing Postgres I’d be more forgiving, but come on, we’re on 2007; what’s the problem with “apt-get install postgresql-8.1”? Your users who care about standards (or, indeed, about databases) would be glad. If you’re so convinced about not installing Postgres, you could at least explicitly allow us to install our own server in our homes, so that I could do it without feeling guilty.

Leonardo Boiko

As this is a customer to customer forum you’re not going to get an official response from DH, for that you’d be best off contacting support directly through the Panel > support > contact support.

–Matttail - personal website

Here’s and old thread on the subject, with a few honcho & employee replies.

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