“coming soon" since 2010. Any news?

What’s the status of has been saying that it’s supposed to be “coming soon” since 2010.

Is there any news on that?

Failing the availability of a one-click install …
• Has anyone installed manually on a DH account?
• Has anyone installed some other microblogging (or other very lightweight blogging) solution on a DH account?


Just saw this so I’ll answer.

Yes, I’ve manually installed it here. That’s not a problem.
What is a problem is that StatusNet has been on life support for a long time and at this point it’s pretty much dead FOSS. Google for “microblog open source” or “microblog source” and you’ll find other offerings out there, many as dead as StatusNet, some fairly alive and well.


Thanks for the (belated) heads-up — I’ve removed that page, since we no longer support the application.