Clearly Dreamhost is having major issues right now (MySQL, WebMail, etc.). So why isn’t updated??? Isn’t that the whole point of that site?

“Our network and major systems are up and running at this time.
Last Updated: Wednesday, 25-May-2005 16:01:57 PDT”

I remember when this site was created as a result of problems not being communicated to clients. I find it disappointing that Dreamhost still isn’t doing a good job communicating problems. We’ve been through this already, guys. Let’s get a “Communication Plan” in place so that when stuff like this happens (and it will again, that’s life, oh well…) you can LET PEOPLE KNOW. This is how DH as a company can really distinguish themselves to be the great web host I know they are.

I’d like to know a few small pieces of information:

  • what’s wrong (okay if this is unknown, just a “something’s wrong” is better than nothing!)
  • how long until it’s fixed (again, okay if unknown, but a “we’re working on it and we’ll get you going ASAP”)
  • what’s affected (webmail, all websites, etc.)

Thank you.

They’re up and running…doesn’t mean they’re up and running well.

[quote]They’re up and running…doesn’t mean they’re up and running well.


Hah… word. said the site was up all weekend one time they had a hard drive crash on some servers.

I lost email for 96 hours straight due to that, said there was no problem.

The biggest insult was that their ‘uptime’ page showed uptime of infinity even after the outage.


While I’m not disagreeing that the status info could be improved, my impression is that the main purpose of is to provide a line of communication when has network problems.

To just sort of expand on what al-khowarizmi said, DreamHost created status after a large DoS attack last year which took down their network.

That was the intent.

I was around when they made that page. It was created back when they were having major DoS attacks and connectivity problems and nobody was able to connect to any dreamhost webpanel or get their mail. Basically, DH completely lost the ability to supply a status to their users.

So they made that page just for that occation. If they happen to have a large major outage like that again, that will be the page to visit for upto date information.

*Edit and I see I kind of repeated what wjd already said. All well. lol

Although I understand that network problems were why status… was created, it seems that if users can’t get to their email or the web panel or their sites, it might behoove DH to COMMUNICATE this is some way. And the only way I can think of is to update status…


I did update status while the Web Panel and Webmail weren’t reachable!



Thanks for updating “status”. I don’t mean to come across too nastily, but it does seem that these types of problems (mail, mysql, web panel, etc) are happening with greater frequency lately, and there isn’t an effective way to communicate with users if the web panel and email are down and/or super-slow.

Again, as I long as I know the DH folks are aware of the problem and working on it (and maybe with an estimated time to fix), that goes a long way to making me feel better about Dreamhost’s customer service.