- needs a fix... revolution


We, the consumers, need to stand up and get Dreamhost to figure out something with that fuckin’ Status page.

Email is down, status a.o.k… WTF?

The question is what can we do? Class action lawsuit? E-petition? Throwing veggies at the head office?

There has to be something that we can do - I mean turn status into a blog - it takes 1 minute to update the thing.

March 13, 2006 - 2pm

Email down - we know, we’re going to fix it!

Too bad there is so much work involved in changing hosts because that keeps certain companies in their bad habits.

I know things happen, we used to be in the webhosting business but our support sucked so we shut it down because we felt we couldn’t do the job. We moved our customers to a bigger company who had somewhat better support but the majority of them left when the contract expired.

All this to say that we, the consumers, need to find a way to get the message across that the “service” is lacking…


The status page is not for individual servers breaking, but when ALL customers are affected by something going down, ie the web panel, or dreamhosts main site, etc.

Yes, though it might be nice to have a section that shows status on individual servers. But, then that means someone has to be hired at dreamhost to manage that section every minute.


You would think that one server being down is enough to be included in status… as the status of that server would be DOWN / BROKE…

I mean, they track the support requests well enough, all you need to do is get the intern to type: “Some email not working - looking into it” or “All email down - leave work early”, it isn’t that hard… you don’t need to pay someone $40k to type that foo.

I think this is the type of situation where some information is better than no information.

Also, as history has shown, the status page isn’t always right even when all the customers are affected.