Hi all, I have a question…Is there a way to install better stat software, free or piad? These stats on here do nothing for me at all…please advise

Absolutely. Just search the forum, as there is a lot of discussion of awstats, which many seem to like.


and the Wiki too! It’s very helpful as well.

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If you are running php4 on your domains I can highly recommend Tracewatch, real time stats saved to a database, and it’s free.

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What do you need it to do that it doesn’t? Personally, I use Google Analytics and I love it :slight_smile:

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

you guys are all great…thanks for the answers, this has to be one of the best boards on the net…mr parker, how are you my friend?

“Short, Fat, Old, Slow, Wrinkled, and Tired…but thank you for asking!” :wink:


Last I checked, Google had closed Analytics to new users.

I just set up awstats for my domain and it works well.


I installed twatch, works pretty well, the php code didnt work but thier java works fine.

Do you run adult sites? Anyone want to trade some links?

RLParker- you notice I installed the php for the twatch stats script with NO help :wink: