Stats Running?


Hello all,
I thought I’d post here before sending email to support. Is everyone getting yesterday’s stats okay? I’m not getting any.

It looks like there are 11-24 stats in the logs but my analog only shows stats up to 11-23 and my awstats shows old information.

I did do some work on my awstats files via telnet yesterday so maybe it was something I did but I wanted to check here first to make sure it isn’t a global problem.



I’m also showing 0.00 MB bandwidth for all my sites yesterday. How is that possible?

Please help!



Here is it midnight - no response from DH, no reply to posts, no stats again - 0 bandwidth again. Does anyone have any experience with this happening? Would really like to hear from somone!



Hi Bob,
Thanks for the reply. I finally have stats today! But still 0 bandwidth showing in the admin panel - for two days now. I’m sure that will probably go back to normal too.

The sites are all running normally so I guess I shouldn’t have worried.



Should I cancel/remove the email I sent to customer support since things are running okay and they haven’t gotten to it yet?


I used the form too. I worry about bothering people for support when the problem has been resolved but that’s what I was thinking - just to leave it for their information so I will do that. Thanks, Bob.