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I am trying to view which files have been downloaded how many times in the past month. normally these appear in the monthly report in the request report area. however, none of the jpg or mp3 or such files are showing up whatsoever. is it because I have them hosted at the root level and they need to be in a folder or what is going on? it seems to work fine on my friends’ DH acct.

Our stats reports don’t count ‘secondary’ files like jpg or gif as requests as most people are mostly concerned with the html and php type pages more, but mp3 files should be counted. You may want to make a change (any change) to your monthly report so it re-generates your analog config files to make sure you have the latest version. That can be done here:
(Click the ‘Customize’ link)

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I need to be able to know which image files are being viewed the most. And I can’t find that option in the stats settings. It only shows me Page views. I’m doing a lot with slide shows and knowing witch images are viewed the most will tell me how long people are watching the slide show.

I also need this feature to find out which thumb nails people are clicking on. And How much bandwidth pics are taking up.

If the current stats program doesn’t support this I know so many more do. Is installing a Stats script done on the server or can I do it my self for my domain?

here’s an artilce on getting webalize to work on your sever from the Wiki

I know some people have gotten awstats to work - search the forum and you’ll probably find some other posts.


Analog (and probably any other stats package) can show you that information, but we have specifically configured it to NOT show it because the vast majority of users don’t want to know how many times their image files have been downloaded.

Since you have specialized needs you’ll probably be best served by setting up your own stats program. Analog is installed as /usr/bin/analog and you can use that. You can also install awstats or wusage or webalizer or any of the other popular tools. If you run into trouble, we can give you a hand but we don’t officially support them.

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