Stats questions

Hello, I’m new to Dreamhost and trying to get a sense of how the web logs/stats will work… some questions:

  1. I can view the web stats for anyone on the same server, and they can read mine. Why is this? I can’t change the permissions on my stats directory or the directory above (my home directory), as they are owned by root.

  2. Do logs get gzipped? I don’t mind using my own disk quota, but not without gzip. :wink: I guess I can always keep the 3-day option and move stats elsewhere, but 3 days is a bit tight if anything goes wrong.

  3. Can I change where logs go? I’m moving applications from another web host that write to ~/logs and this is owned by root on Dreamhost! Ah well…

  4. I’m guessing Dreamhost have a rewrite rule to point /stats/ to a file somewhere within /home/user/logs/. I want to be able to go to and get my own stats page, however I can’t seem to make a rewrite rule that overrides the default one. Do Dreamhost put a [L] in it or something to stop further rewriting? Any way around it (apart from not use /stats/, which I guess isn’t the end of the world!)

Thanks for the answer.

The security issue is interesting, because Dreamhost do things a bit differently to what I’m used to. Not saying it’s necessarily bad mind you… I’m not sure there’s an easy way around the stats issue - they could probably chown the stats to your user and provide a cgiwrapped script for viewing them, but maybe that’s taking it all a bit too seriously! :wink:

I’m not running a commercial site where stats need to be confidential so I’ll leave it at that.