Stats question

I sent out about 550 emails to my Announcement List with a link to a PDF to download.

On that same day, my stats page show 6500 “hits” for that file!

I can’t believe the link was emailed around the world or something and that 6500 people downloaded that file.
The link to the file is not linked to from any web page.

The number of times the file was apparently “hit” dropped drastically the next day to 450 and then to under 50.

someone once explained this to me that PDF file downloads are downloaded in “chunks” or something and that would account for the high (apparent) numbers. (sorry, that is the best I can recollect…)
Can anyone else either explain this to me or point me to something that explains this bizarre accounting?

I am not sure about the stats, but I wonder if I can ask another question.

Can one attach a pdf document directly to the announcements, into the text box? I do not think therre is a way to do that is there? I send out a pdf documented newsletter to about 100 people and I am looking for a way to do that, DreamHost will not let me do it via my account, so I thought I could do it this way…but no? Any suggestions, other than having a link for people to then go and download a pdf document from a website? What if we want to only give it to people to whom we want to send it, not just anyone>?