Stats Question

I was looking at the “Failure” report, and what concerns me I’ve listed below. I don’t have any files in my CGI bin. I link to the form mail file that Dreamhost provides, sans the holes. I’ve also never had a page called FAQS.HTM, either. I tried to look at this page: but it doesn’t exist. What are the mailto:'s doing in here? What do you gurus think about this?

Listing the top 10 files by the number of failed requests, sorted by the number of failed requests.

#reqs: file
-----: ----
2: /stats
1: /
1: /board/index.cgi
1: /images/embeds.jpg
1: /
1: /cgi-bin/
15: [not listed: 15 files]

that’s why they’re failed requests :>

people were requesting links that aren’t there.

in the case of the formmail request, it’s someone trying to check and see if your site is running an insecure form to mail script that could be used to send spam.

the rest are most likely typos (ie people pasting stuff after your URL in the location bar of their browser, mistyping URLs, etc)…

I’m half guessing here, but I wouldn’t a bad request for /stats be a failed login to the stats page? That is, doesn’t a 401: Authorization Required error count as a failed request, and hence show up on the stats pages?

Perhaps somebody’s trying to log into your stats panel, but doesn’t no the password, or it’s a spider or something.

i’m not sure, but i think using ‘stats/’ instead of ‘stats’ will fix this.