Stats page


I just found out how to view the traffic stats for our page today, and I think they are WAY off. We don’t have anywhere near the traffic this is stating, at least I don’t believe so.

Just to clarify that i am reading this correctly:

date #reqs#pages
Sep/ 1/08 814 772 ++++
Sep/ 2/08 1239 823 +++++
Sep/ 3/08 1078 739 ++++
Sep/ 4/08 1360 919 +++++
Sep/ 5/08 1286 968 +++++
Sep/ 6/08 952 926 +++++

This means that for 9/1/08, that we had 814 hits. Is this true? It’s a pretty static site that I wouldn’t imagine getting more than a 100 hits a day.

Also - when I go to, the daily stats are showing for the week of 10/31/06. Why isn’t it the current week?


Hits grow quickly. Like if you have 1 page with 4 images, that’s 5 hits per visit. I use awstats which gives me the info I like.

Here’s an awstats bundle I use on my sites:

Or here’s the source: