Stats Page not Updating

Anyone else having this problem? Analog 5.23 has not updated my page stats for the last 2 days. Not a huge deal, but wanted to know if anyone at dreamhost knew about this.

(i’m on balrog)

Yep. Same here. Looks like it was monday when the last stats job ran.

It’s been a few days now; this isn’t the first time this has happened, either. I’m assuming Dreamhost doesn’t cron or automate statistic generation, which seems a bit inefficient (it seems every stat generation has a different time, for instance). It’s too bad they won’t let users cron their own stats, which can be understandable on a huge user base I guess, but it’d be nice for some consistency. Not terribly critical either, I suppose.

You think we run stats for thousands and thousands of customers by hand?

It’s all automated.

We don’t?

Ah, then if it’s automated, we’re wondering why there’s a lag of a few days (?).

I thought I read in the forums that DH doesn’t let users cron Analog on their servers; something about server stress. That’s what I meant. We could run Analog on our own computers if we download our logs, but I don’t see logs generated on my domain for 2-24/25 either. (?)

You need to work on your writing style and content in response to users who may misunderstand the system or whose posts need clarification.

Hrm - I’m not aware of a specific policy against it, although we might ask someone to stop if the job were using up too many resources or taking down the server.

I know that some users have been using awstats, which is more processor / CPU intensive than analog, and in most cases, this doesn’t seem to cause problems.

I’m not an expert on our stats setup, but I will look into it. Sorry for the short response before, but if you check the announcements page, you can probably imagine why I might be a bit busy / grumpy this morning.

I can’t provide the best explanation of how the stats system works but I’ll give it a shot… hopefully someone else will jump in and correct me if I’m wrong. Our stats processing system doesn’t run directly from cron; a lot of the processing is handled by backend machines, and we have our own scheduling system (which ultimately does involve cron and at) that handles scheduling of stuff. Because we have so many stats to process, we can’t simply run everything at once. Our stats system is designed to compensate for this (to some extent) so that it doesn’t need to run at exactly the same time every day.

I’m not aware of a general problem with this, but it does seem from the posts here that there is a problem affecting at least some customers. If you haven’t already written support, please do so.

What’s the command line/shell syntax for running analog at dreamhost?

Example (at the shell prompt):

analog +g/somepath/to/logconfigfile/

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This is the answer i got from jeff:

"Stats have been run, but they will not show any information on the days
they were down. Unfortunately, this info is lost.

If there is anything more we can help you with, please let us know and we
will be more than happy to accommodate!"

hope this helps anyone else who was curious