Stats not logging RSS?

Hello, I’ve been monitoring my stats for a couple of my sites, and I notice that Analog doesn’t seem to be logging the number of requests for the RSS feeds. Does it not log xml or rdf files by defaut? Is there anyway I can change that?

Personally, I think Analog is the weakest flavor of stats reporting out there. Is there any chance Dreamhost might be persuaded to install webalizer instead? :wink:

Personally, I would prefer to see the vastly more useful AWStats. Their website has a comparison of statistics analysis software that demonstrates just how good AWStats is.

Install it :slight_smile:

We have an host that allows us to install whatever (web related)
we need. Personally I’ve installed a recent version of Analog
and configured it to suit my needs With the right configuration
Analog is not much behind AWStats.

Awstats is too resource intensive for us to use everywhere. Not totally sure, but I believe we’re currently working on some improvements to the Analog config… if you have suggestions, feel free to pass them along to support - we’ll at least take them under consideration.

Note the difference in speed of lines/sec:

Suggestion: log rss files

Since you can’t really add tracking code to an rss feed without rendering it invalid, server-side tracking is the only way to do it.