Stats going wrong

Hey Gang

So I have two blogs hosted at DH, both Movable Type blogs at the following URLS:

There are no direct lins from the NJudah site to my site, and I killed trackbacks. Yet still for some reason I’m getting literally 1000s of hits on the site from the NJudah site when I look at “referring URLS” when I know there is no possible way this could be happening. 7000 people a day are not reading my NJudah site, how the HECK can I get that many referrals from the site then?

Also, I made the mistake of posting what has become a popular image on my site. A ton of idiots on MySpace and elsewhere linked to it (instead of downloading the thing) and I have taken it down. Yet still not only are these idiots linking to a dead file (Which is cluttering the stats) but stupid Google’s image search still refers people to that file - even though it’s been off my site for months now!

The weird thing is I have no problems with the stats on the N Judah site -for the most part they are pretty good. But this other site is getting killed and the stats generated are almost useless. Any suggestions?

Most (if not all) of your options revolve around the use of an .htaccess file.

Here’s two:
*Punish the people hotlinking to your image by rewriting requests to it to serve a different image. There’s this thing called “goatse” that might make people change their links in a hurry…
*Just block requests to that file or requests from the domains that are requesting it.

A few quick Google searches should tell you how to do set up either of those, though I’m sure others will also be willing to give you detailed instructions here.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

that is a good idea re: the image file.

what’s strange though are the jumps from one site to the next, but I assume these are bots or something.