Stats Files


I installed AWStats on my account. Everything has been working fine except the Cron job isn’t updating them on the hour like it should be. Anywho, I never updated the page yesterday. So when I updated today, yesterday’s stats were completely blank. I assume that this means that the stats file that I’m using is only for the current day. If thats the case, which file should I be using? I am using “http/access.log”, is this right?


Sooo, you are saying that there is no one stats file that includes multiple days? Thats seems rough on the stats tracking programs. Either get the stats right now, or they are gone to another file! Has anyone found a way around this? Even if I could get the cron job to run like it is supposed to, there is still the chance of losing some info in between times that it runs. For instance, if it runs at 12:01, and the stats reset at 12, it’s just lost the entire hour’s worth of stats since the last time it ran at 11:01. Hmmm