Stats--can't just see it on the panel?

Brand new website person here. I just recently set up a nice little site using WordPress on DH.

I’d love to see my site stats, but I don’t want the whole world to see them on I set up a user and password for my stats page. Then, probably because I’m using WordPress, even I can’t get into my stats page.

Is there not a way to see my stats through the DH panel? I see that lots of people have had problems editing their .htaccess files to try to view their stats. I can’t even find my .htaccess file any more, and even if I could, I’m scared to modify it.

I’d like to avoid using google for stats, but maybe that’s the best solution. I don’t want site visitors to see “…waiting to access google…” as I have seen on other sites.

Any suggestions for simple stats? Is Google really OK to use?

Stats are part of your site, so they won’t show up in the panel. Here’s how to get them to show up (still password protected) while running WordPress: