Stats/Analytics On DreamObjects

Anyone have any idea how we might incorporate statistics reporting in DreamObjects? It would be helpful to be able to see what data isn’t being used.

+1 on this idea.

what kind of statistics do you have in mind? Can you be more specific?

All I need is how many times each particular file has been downloaded per month, with an overall total. Nothing fancy.

The next release of Ceph will allow logging per bucket, so users should be able to download logs and analyze them with common tools like awstats. I don’t have a solid schedule for this feature being made available on DreamObjects. Stay tuned, in a couple of months there should be more clarity.

This is not a super-pressing need for me at the moment, but I am happy to hear that it’s in the pipeline. Thanks!

agreed. thanks for the update @smaffulli.

ideally, i’d just like to see which files are being accessed each month.

Any update on this? I’d really like to be able to see which files are costing me the most in download fees.