I am thinking about switching to dreamhost, but am wondering what web statistics come with account. My current host has awstats accessed through cpanel which I like as it has easy to read information about unique visitors, hits and the like. Any info about webstats that come with an account would be appreciated.

I think DH uses

It provides

The Analog Month Report summarizes data for the current calendar month to date.
The Analog Longterm Report summarizes all data on record.
The Analog Day Report summarizes the previous day’s data only.

more information you can refer

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You can also install AWStats if you’d like to stick with what you’re used to.

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Ah, too bad. My current host offers analog as one of its 3 web stats programs and I really don’t care for it. Does the DH install of it only keep a year of data like my current provider? Edit - thanks for pointing out can install awstats - it has totally got me spoiled.

It generates hourly report, daily report, weekly report, monthly report, and yearly report.

In my yearly report, it shows only the total number of request of a year. For example, 2006: 1555; 2007: 1000

It also shows that the long-term report is cumulative.

However, you can always review the details of your previous years’ reports

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