I have a wordpress install setup on my root folder. So right now just goes to my wordpress main page. Are there any other urls I can go to check my stats. There doesn’t even seem to be a directory called /stats in my “” folder. I was going to add an exception to the Wordpress htaccess file, but I can’t do anything if there isn’t even a folder!

Any help is appreciated.


Someone else had the same problem. Here’s the post with a solution:


You must be relative new to web hosting. There are two different “namespaces” involved. The file system is what you think of as files and directories (‘folders’). The second one is url-path, which is part of a URL, that the web site deals with.

url-paths do not have to correspond to the filesystem. Think of them as pointers. If the web site doesn’t consider a url-path to be a “special” pointer, it will attempt to look on the file system. And so if its not special and not on the file system, you get not found error.

The url-path ‘/stats’ is one of these “special” pointers, a type called an Alias. It is aliased to the directory /home/username/logs/domain/stats.

The solution to your problem is on the Wiki at:
Making stats accessible with htaccess

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Not trying to sound like an ass, but I know my way around this stuff, but usually you actually see the dir in the listing even if it’s just a link. That’s why I was confused.

Either way, heck of an explanation :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t change my file anyways (in fact, I can’t change any files) because I got bitten by the “change mail quota = change web quota” pitfall that many others apparently (according to previous posts) also went down.

I think the current issue is resolved though sicne I now know what the heck to do once I can create files again.

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