I’m cofused on what “requests” on the statistics page actually means. Yesterday on my website counter I received 22 hits. On my Dreamhost Statistics page it list 1,865 requests. Also I am the only “user” listed on Dreamhost. I visited my website 6 times yesterday and limited my visit to just my home page. Didn’t go to any other page on my site. According to my Dreamhost Statistics page the user (me) had 46 requests (again I only visited my home page). I’m confused at the large difference in numbers from actual hits to requests. I read the definition of request supplied by Dreamhost but still 22 hits=1,865 requests! My website is not that popular. Any ideas?

That number does seem a little high since your homepage is relatively simple.

Requests refer to not only the HTML page, but each individual graphic or other file.

I can’t remember if it’s in the ‘default’ stats page or if you have to configure it, but you see what the breakdown percentage of requested files is. There should also be a listing of the most requested individuals files.

It’s been a little while since I’ve logged into my stats, so I can’t remember exactly how it’s set up (I just tried to login, but I’ve misplaced my password, so I have to wait for a new one to kick in :blush: .

baaaaaaaaaaad crossposter :stuck_out_tongue:


Jason, thanks for the response in the beginner forum. It helped a lot. I’m new to this so I’m assuming that “bad crossposter” means posting on more then one forum. My bad. I didn’t know that it was fround upon. I know now. KB

That’s ok, not everyone can spend every waking hour in front of the computer :wink:

Yup, just pick the most appropriate spot and post once, that’s the idea, no worries here, glad to have helped. Stats do get just plain weird sometimes