Statistics engine lacking

I’m very happy with my Dreamhost service, but I find the statistics engine they use to lack some important features, such as search engine keyword tracking, page popularity, etc. that many other hosting providers offer with more advanced (often commercial) tools.

I’m curious if Dreamhost plans to make any changes here, or if we might have a way to access our own logs?

You should have a ~/logs directory where the Apache server logs are kept. The current log is access.log and the past 5 days would be access.log.2003-07-nn however the oldest 3 days are gzipped.

I agree that the stats is lacking and as mentioned above, you can access your own stats log and use a program like: Webtrends to get ALL the info.

Analysis of your site can be a full time job however, once you look at your logs. hehe!


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What do you mean by “search engine keyword tracking” and “page popularity”?

I ask what you mean because with my interpretation both of those are available using the standard Analog stats package the DH provides.

for “search engine keyword tracking” see the headings:
Search Query Report
Search Word Report

for “page popularity” you might look at:
Directory Report
Request Report

and yeah, the raw log files are available in /home/user/logs/


Talking about search engine keywords, my take is that it’s more YOUR OWN call: when you mark up your web pages, YOU decide which keywords your potential readership use AND THEN plug them in instead of the vice versa. Am I correct?

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He was asking about reports that identify what search engine keywords were used to find his sight as opposed to what keywords he plugged into his meta tags. This is required information if you want to perform any search engine optimization.