Statistics down again

I don’t know what is happening with the logs, but my awstats instalation doesn’t catch anything since 3 days ago.
This happened in the beginning of october.
Can somebody explain me why and how this hapens?

I need reliable statistics on my site so it would be nice if somebody could give an explanation.


I have my awstats update via a cron job that runs a couple minutes before midnight. How does your awstats fetch and process the logs?

In my case, if it stopped doing updates, I’d think it was because my update script wasn’t running from cron.


yes, that’s the problem, it doesn’t update… how can i fix it?
why did it suddenly stop worked out of nothing?

Here’s my crontab entry:
58 23 * * * /usr/bin/perl /home/USER/DOMAIN.COM/statistics/ -config=DOMAIN.COM -update > /dev/null

You can update your crontab via command line, or by the panel’s cronjob interface.