Static files strorage replacement HTTP -> DHO?


I was, unfortunately, after something around 7 years of hosting service data, images, manuals, documentations, books, firmwares, etc, forced to remove the files because static files storage is not part of unlimited storage policy anymore as HDD were replaced with SSD and these seem to be too precious to keep data on them… well 20x space was saved… but my files hosting site is gone and DH does not permit to store files on a web servers anymore…

I moved files to DreamHostObjects public bucket but this is not a one-to-one replacement of my static files served over http because I can see XML instead of files.

Anyone know how to replace SSH/HTTP static files storage with current DH setup particularly using DHO?

It would be really nice if DH think ahead and propose one-to-one replacements for existing services if they enfoce some changes. I would not quit Unix/Posix in favor of anything else, too many solutions passed away just like that in a short time and I have no time to test other folks solutions, this is why I really like to remain minimal and stick to basics…

DH if you take away a feature please bring another one that would do the job instead…


Hi cederom, I can relate to your frustration over being forced to learn new technology for doing old stuff: I’ve been there, too and it wasn’t always pleasant. On the DreamObjects side, after studying the tool a bit, there are many advantages (like this, for example). You don’t describe your use case so I can’t give you specific suggestions on how to use it. To get started, the easiest thing to do is to install a client among those compatible with it.

If you describe your use case, I can give you more specific suggestions.