Static Blogging with Dreamhost Shared Hosting?


I’m looking into moving off of WordPress for my (currently idle) blog on Dreamhost Shared Hosting. I know you can get Jekyll running, but it’s kind of a pain in the butt. Are there any other options that work well with Dreamhost Shared Hosting?


For statically generated sites using Jekyll, Hugo, etc, one straight-forward option is to use rsync (or similar file-syncing software) to transfer a locally built copy of the site.


Sir can you please elaborate a bit more. please!

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There are many blog posts and code-fragments on this topic. Here are two showing how to use Jekyll and rsync:


I have used GetSimple. It supports blogging via a plugin. For that matter, DokuWiki does as well.

Do you mean “flat-file” rather than “static”? Because GetSimple and DokuWiki are built in PHP, which is dynamic rather than static, but don’t use a MySQL database to store data.


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